Air Force Height Weight


Nurses in the military services must meet height and weight standards. The Air Force relies on BMI first, body fat percentages, and weight to decide if a candidate meets the standards.

To join the U.S. Air Force a nurse will undergo a body measurement called the Body Mass Index or BMI. If the nurse has a BMI between 19 and 27 he or she is considered to meet the height weight standards for being commissioned in the U.S. Air Force. The minimum and maximum height weight chart below based on the BMI index desired by the U.S. Air Force for height and weight standards.

BMI has been criticized as discounting muscle mass to a larger extent than other methods of determining fitness or body weight standards. Defenders of the BMI index claim it is a better indicator or overall cardiac health.

Potential candidates for the Air Force are screened using these height weight standards. Chances are that if you are a reasonably fit and healthy person you can meet the standards using one of the three methods; BMI, Body Fat, or weight.

If you are within a few pounds of the ideal weight there are some exercises that can burn calories and fat relatively quickly. High intensity interval training is one approach. This combines working close to your maximum heart rate for short intervals combined with short breaks either resting or performing at approximately 50% of your maximum heart rate. For example, you could sprint uphill for one quarter mile and then walk down the hill. Do this as many times as you can in a 30 minute period.

If the nurse does not meet the BMI but does meet the body fat standards they will be considered as meeting the standards. Another factor that is different about the U.S. Air Force is that men and women have exactly the same height weight standards.

Air Force Height & Weight Charts:

Maximum Body Fat Allowed

Male Age Group Female Age Group
Age 17-30 30+ 17-30 30+

Percent allowed

20% 24% 28% 32%

Height & Weight Allowed

Height Maximum Weight Minimum Weight
58 131 91
59 136 94
60 141 97
61 145 100
62 150 104
63 155 107
64 160 110
65 165 114
66 170 117
67 175 121
68 180 125
69 186 128
70 191 132
71 197 136
72 202 140
73 208 144
74 214 148
75 220 152
76 225 156
77 231 160
78 237 164
79 244 168
80 250 173