Army Height Weight

The Army height weight standards that you must meet to be commissioned as a military nurse are the same as for all applicants to the army.  If you do not meet the maximum weight requirements you can have your body fat assessed.  People who often have to be measured for body fat are athletes who have a large amount of muscle mass.  Muscle weighs more than fat and it is not unusual for athletes who engage in weight lifting or other muscle building activities to weigh more than allowed but still be very physically fit and healthy.

Of course, not everyone is an athlete. The army makes allowances for first time enlistee's and gives them a period of time to lose weight or to build muscle.  If you are curious about the the standards you can use these   Army Height Weight Charts I have provided. The Army military Nurse minimum and maximum weight is determined based on age, sex, height and if you have been in the military prior to being commissioned or joining.  Maximum allowable body fat is calculated using a formula that takes into account age, height, and selected measurements of the body. 

You can use the Army Fitness Calculator to see if you meet the body fat standards and can pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).  These tests are calculated using the latest standards from AR600-9