Military Nurse Compensation


Military nurse compensation and benefits are all paid at the equivalent pay grade or rank that the individual nurse holds. The applicable military pay charts and entitlements are the same for base pay. Special pay and incentives varies depending on the specialty of the nurse and the military service the nurse is in.

Included in military nurses compensation are raises or increases in salary through annual cost of living allowances called COLA's. COLA is usually calculated to allow military wages to keep pace with inflation.

Base military nurse compensation is divided into three parts.

  • Base Pay - In 2008 the military nurse salary is $2555.70 to a maximum of $10488.90 per month depending on years of service and pay grade.
  • Basic Allowance for Housing or BHA - based on a formula that varies depending on rank and duty station. in 2008 the military nurse housing allowance was a minimum of $600 to a maximum of $2500.
  • Basic Allowance for Subsistence or BAS - In 2008 the rates are $202 a month for BAS.

Additional Allowances are made depending on the circumstances.

  • Family Separation Allowance is paid to military nurses who are married and/or have children who reside with them. If the military nurses duty assignment forces them to be separated from their family for more than thirty days the additional allowance or pay is included in the paycheck.
  • Hazardous Duty Pay is paid to any military nurse serving in a combat zone or selected hazardous duty station overseas.
  • Specialty Pay is paid to military nurses who have a specialty such as a CRNA or a Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Career Bonuses are being offered by some services for militarynurses who elect to re-enlist after their first 6 or 8 year commitment is completed.
  • Sea Pay is paid to all military nurses who serve aboard ships for more than 30 days at a time.
  • Submarine Pay is paid to all military nurses who serve aboard a submarine
  • Aviation or Flight Pay is paid to military nurses who act as part of a flight team for transporting patients. Also known as Flight Nurses.

Tax advantages

Iif a military nurse is serving in a combat zone or selected hazardous duty station overseas they are exempt from paying income tax on all income earned while serving in that assignment.

Basic allowance for housing, allowance for subsistence and other special pay allowances are considered expense reimbursement payments and are not subject to income tax. This means that a significant percentage of military nurse compensation is not taxed.

Military Nurse Salary and Special Pay Charts 1949-2011

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