Nursing Scholarship


So, you want to find a nursing scholarship that will help pay for nursing college.  That's a smart move. After all if you get a nursing scholarship for the 4 to 6 years you will be in college to earn a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Nursing you won't have to borrow nearly as much money to get your degree. Did you know that the Army, Air Force and the Navy all have scholarship programs to help students earn a nursing degree?  Each of these scholarship programs is available through the respective Reserve Officer Training Corps or ROTC.

The Army Nurse Scholarship Program or Army ROTC enrolls the most number of students because the Army has the largest demand. If  you qualify for the Army ROTC program you receive an annual scholarship that pays for books, lab fees and tuition.  Additionally, you may qualify for a monthly stipend of $300 to $500 dollars for month to help with living expenses.  Army scholarships can be for 2,3 or 4 years.  The Army also has programs available for nurse anesthetists, Mental health, and ICU nursing.

The Air Force Nurse Scholarship Program  or Air Force ROTC is similar to the Army. for qualified applicants a 4 year nursing degree can be obtained with the Air Force paying for the majority of the costs which includes tuition, lab fees and up to $900 a year for textbooks.  The Air Force pays a monthly stipend that ranges from $300 per month for freshmen to $500 per month for seniors in college.  Air Force Scholarships are for 3 or 4 years. The Air Force Nursing Scholarship program is slightly complex and offers a variety of options depending on which type of scholarship you are offered.  For example the type 7 scholarship Pays full college tuition and most lab fees, but the student must attend a college/university where the tuition is less than $9,000 per year. The student cannot attend a more expensive institution and pay the difference. These students also receive $900/year for books.

The Navy Nurse Scholarship Program or Navy ROTC offers full scholarships and a monthly stipend of $200 to $400 per month for qualifying nursing student candidates.  Navy Nurse Scholarships are for 2 or 4 year options. Qualifications for entering the Navy Nurse ROTC program are the same as for other Naval ROTC candidates.

Each Service has a list of criteria you must achieve or meet to be accepted into their respective ROTC programs. these requirements include:

Physical standards
Academic Standards
Must meet legal and moral standards
Must Attend a qualifying College that has an ROTC program
College must be accredited by the NLN or the CCNE
Must be willing to serve in the respective military branch
for 8 years as an active duty or reserve member upon successful completion of ROTC
Must be earning a minimum 2.5 GPA to be accepted
Must maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA to continue in the ROTC program