US Air Force Jobs

There are over 150 US Air Force Jobs.  These jobs range from cook to pilot.  There are some different ways that the Air Force structures itself. Because it is a military organization it has enlisted personnel and officers.  Job duties will vary depending on the career and the relative rank of the person and what position they hold.  For example, an Air Force Colonel might be a base commander and have an official career field of pilot.  There is no career field for base commander but there is one for administrators. 

Enlisted US Air Force Jobs include Aviation support, Medical & Healthcare, Engineering, Logistics, Personnel and base support, Vehicle and Machinery support. A partial list of these jobs include:

avionics or aviation electronics technician
Jet engine mechanic
Engineering technician
licensed practical nurse
supply and logistics
biomedical repair technician
Finance and Accounting
computer sciences
construction specialist
air traffic support specialist
Law Enforcement

To find out more about US Air Force Jobs for enlisted personnel check out the US Air Force Enlisted Careers Website

Air Force Jobs for officers range for the most part across the same skill fields or career opportunities.  One of the main differences is that officers will be expected to assume more authority and responsibility for leadership and training outcomes.  One thing unique about the medical career fields in the US Air Force is that if you are a registered nurse with a bachelors degree in nursing or higher your main option is to become a nursing officer.  to find out more about becoming an officer in the US Air Force  visit the US Air Force Officer Opportunities Website.

A partial list of the careers or jobs available as a US Air Force Officer are:

avionics or aviation electronics
Food Service
Medical Specialist
supply and logistics
Finance and Accounting
Computer Sciences
construction specialist
air traffic control/support
Law Enforcement