Military Height Weight

Each military service requires both male and female military nurses to meet minimum and maximum height and weight standards.  Some of the obvious reasons for requiring that potential military applicants meet these standards include:

  • Being able to perform the physical requirements of the military nurse job. 

  • Being able to fit inside the equipment such as a helicopter.  A nurse who is 7'5" won't fit in the small spaces that a flight nurse has to perform in for example. 

  • Physical fitness and health are requirements of being an officer and a soldier

Each service has different requirements and standards which is why there is no one standard for all of the military services.  The minimum height weight standards also may be different for getting into the military than those for staying in.  The Army, for example, allows officer candidates and enlisted members to weight several pounds heavier when they first join.  They are expected to lose those few extra pounds within a few months of joining.

Air Force Height Weight Standards

Army Height Weight Standards

Navy Height Weight Standards *

Coast Guard Height Weight Standards

*The Marines do not have a medical component. All medical services including nurses/nursing are provided by the Navy as the Marines are considered part of the Navy.